Italians start every day with an espresso, standing at the counter of
their neighborhood café over a chat with their favorite barista. 

However, in Italy, espresso is a ritual all day long: to take a break,
to have a business meeting, or to catch up with a friend. 

Every Italian is a coffee expert, and everyone has a preferred style
and time for what they’ll drink when. 

Italian coffee is not only espresso-based beverages; Puro Gusto
offers an unexpected selection of hot and cold all-day Italian beverages
such as the Shakerato, Crema Caffè, Americano, as well as non-Italian
coffees such as traditional filtered coffee, Cold Brew, Nitro,
and a selection of hot teas. All of our coffee is organic and UTZ certified,
and features precisely selected blends across our espresso, drip, and
cold offerings to provide the best tasting coffee experience.

lavazza icone
A coffee cup and a menu with the Puro Gusto Logo on a table.

Buon Appetito


Just saying the word “Italy” conjures up images of mouthwatering
meals served with love amongst a convivial gathering of family and
friends. But Italian food is about more than just recipes, it is about the
quality and seasonality of the ingredients and how all three are
intertwined to create the country’s iconic regional cuisines.

Many Italians start their day with an espresso and Cornetto, the Italian version of a croissant. Puro Gusto serves them in a variety of sweet and savory options, along with breakfast PanGusto® Pizza, Yogurts, Fruits.

For lunchtime and beyond, the PanGusto® Pizza is the star. Combining the
crunchiness of a bruschetta with the variety of a pizza, options include
Margherita, Fig & Prosciutto and Chicken Pesto. A selection
of Salads, Soups, and Paninis round out the afternoon menu.

A flatbread dish.
Salmon sandwich
Wine with a sandwich.
Someone eating a salad.
A variety of different desserts.

Cin Cin


Just as Italians begin their day with an espresso, they end their day with
an Aperitivo. Aperitivo does not mean “happy hour”; rather, it is a social
moment to relax and have a chat with friends or colleagues over small but
flavorful nibbles served with a light drink before dinner.

Iconic Italian cocktails such as the Aperol Spritz and the Campari Negroni, an assortment of Italian beer and wine, and coffee-based cocktails pair perfectly with Italian bar snacks including olives, chips and taralli (an Italian-style
mix of a breadstick and cracker).

APEROL 1919 Logo
Cocktails and pizza on the table.
Aperol Spritz Cocktail Ingredients Lifestyle
Aperol USA bottle with AS glasses
Aperol Spritz Cocktail Lifestyle Shot
group dining at table with drinks and food

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