“Puro Gusto” translates directly to “pure taste” – expressing the café’s dedication to offering a true Italian culinary experience day or night

True. Italian.

The first Puro Gusto location opened in Milan’s Duomo Square in 2006.  Ten years later, in 2016, Puro Gusto was
transformed into a modern café where authentic Italian coffee, food and drink are carefully crafted. The brand has since expanded, bringing
the traditions of contemporary Italian life to 10 countries worldwide across more than 30 locations, inviting guests across the globe
to experience a true taste of Italy from its traditional espresso culture to Aperitivo — and everything in between.










Commitment to Sustainability

The fragile beauty found throughout all of Italy’s 21 regions is a result of centuries of history, interspersed
with modern life. This juxtaposition, as well as the country’s biodiversity, makes it easy to understand why Italians care
deeply for their surroundings and the greater global community; that cultural commitment to environmental
sustainability is demonstrated throughout each Puro Gusto café.

Products made with WASCOFFEE®, WASBOTTLE®, and WASORANGE® are a defining element in
Puro Gusto cafés the world over, reflecting the brand’s commitment to future generations.

WASCOFFEE backdrop


WASCOFFEE® is an innovative material made with coffee grounds. Developed
by Puro Gusto, as an open innovation project launched to recycle one of the raw materials most symbolic of its business, WASCOFFEE® is a 100% natural and recyclable material used to make eco-design furnishings such as tables and counter tops and wall panels.

WASCOFFEE Made From Recycled Coffee Logo.


WASBOTTLE® comes from recycling the plastic collected from
stores worldwide. By washing, slicing, and then warming and pressing the
fragments, 100% recyclable solid panels are created that can be
used for tabletops and other hard surfaces.

WASBOTTLE Made From Recycled Plastic Logo.
Was Recycled Bottle
A WASORANGE bowl made from orange peels.


WASORANGE® is made from leftover orange peels that come from the millions of glasses of Spremuta, or freshly pressed orange juice. The orange peels are transformed into a bio-plastic string, which is fed into 3D printers to create a reusable by-product. Containers made with WASORANGE® are used in a variety of ways at Puro Gusto cafés worldwide.

WASORANGE Made From Orange Peels Logo.
A WASCOFFEE product made with recycled coffee.
Recycled plastic that can be used for tabletops and other hard surfaces.
A WASORANGE bowl made from orange peels.
A table that was made out of recycled plastic.
Recycled plastic that can be used for tabletops and other hard surfaces.
A WASCOFFEE product made with recycled coffee.
A wall panel made from coffee that describes the process of WASCOFFEE.
A WASORANGE bowl made from orange peels being made.
group dining at table with drinks and food

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